justsayalways asked:

I feel like a lost puppy. I keep wandering back to this page like "Hannaaahhhhh why aren't you bACK YET." How was your week away from the totally civilized Internet world?

Awww. It was a lot better than I thought it would be, actually. I missed you babe! And I missed having wifi more than I can even explain hahaha!
-Hannah xx
I deleted somebody’s question by accident, so whoever sent that message.. I promise I didn’t ignore it on purpose. I answer EVERY question unless it’s insanely personal. Also, I’m answering these on the Tumblr app - which is complete shit - so you’ll have to excuse any errors. Sorry!

Anonymous asked:

That chapter was amazing! So many important conversations in one chapter lol!! IT WAS SOO GOOD THO OMFG!! LIKE IT ALWAYS IS!!!:) I am sooo glad you were able to get it up before you left!!! I hope your week is going well and I can't wait for you to be back!! :)

Awwww thank you! I’m glad you liked it!
I got back yesterday but I haven’t had the chance to get on here until now, so I apologize for all the delayed responses!
I’m REALLY happy to see that pretty much everyone liked it because usually everyone gets pissed when there’s parts with Brad LOL. I haven’t even had the chance to START on the next chapter yet, so hopefully I’ll be able to get on that soon. I’m writing this at work.
Thanks, Anon! You’re too sweet.
-Hannah xx

Chapter 40

Hey guys! Here is chapter 40!


This is probably the last thing I’ll post on here until after I get back on Saturday, just to let you all know. Feel free to leave all the questions you want - I promise I’ll answer them all when I get back :)

Also, this chapter isn’t quite as long as usual, but I figured you guys would rather have a shorter one than no chapter at all, so… yeah.

I love you guys, and I’ll see you in a week!

Please read and review for me!

-Hannah xx

Anonymous asked:

Could we get a sneak peak ;)

Sure, babe :)


“You do have a habit of hitting people…” Magnus said. “But you won’t hit me.”

“Why not?”

“Alec would probably never speak to you again,” Magnus said confidently.

Brad sighed. “At least you’re right about something.”


-Hannah xx

Anonymous asked:

Could we have a spoiler?! I know you said you would be working on the Brad story next so idk if you have anything from Who You Are done yet so the spoiler could be from either one whichever one you have done! lol! :)

Yeah, the Brad story is turning out to be a little more work than I anticipated, so I think chapter 40 of WYA will be first, not the Brad story. Sorry to anyone that was looking forward to it! It will be a couple weeks still, before I have that one up.

I just posted a couple spoilers in the last question and the one before that, so check there for a spoiler :)

-Hannah xx

Anonymous asked:

Hey love the last chapter is it to early to ask for a spoiler? :)

Spoiler… hmmm.. there will be lots of talking. Lots of serious conversations.  I don’t want to spoil too much so… that’s it :)

-Hannah xx

Anonymous asked:

Heyyyy I was wondering if we could have a snippet? And also if you know yet whether it will be posted by Sun? I hope you have a good week next week I know how it is with the whole anxiety thing! I am sure it will be ok and if you wanna talk I am here for you! Omg we will all miss you not being on here or twitter for whole week!!!<3

Hey! Whew, I’ve been writing as fast as I can today and yesterday (the only days that I’ve had ANY time to write at all) and I’m really hoping that I’ll have it up by Sunday, but it still totally depends on how much I get to write tomorrow. I’m hoping for the best, but I don’t know yet - so no promises.

Thank you so much for saying that! I’m really hoping it will be okay and I’ll have a good week too. I’ll miss you guys a lot more than you miss me, I can promise you that. I don’t know how I’ll survive without internet! Ugh!

As for the snippet.. I can give you a short one :)


“I suppose I could talk to him.”

“That’s all I ask. Just… don’t make it worse, okay?”

He gave her a look. “I’m not going to.”

“Good,” she said, pulling him into a quick hug and standing up to leave. “Now help me get all this shit back to my room and then go find ——.”

“I have to talk to him today?”

“You are so whiny. How does Alec put up with you?”

“He likes it.” Magnus said, grinning. “He especially likes it when I make him whine.”

Isabelle laughed and walked out into the hall with one bag, leaving Magnus with two, and Magnus couldn’t help but think of how much he liked Isabelle Lightwood.


-Hannah xx

Anonymous asked:

OMG!! It's fine lol I really hope we get a new chapter of one of either one before you leave but if not I totally understand! Work and school are way more important lol! I can't wait to read the new chapter tho whenever it's done!! I hope what you mean by leaving on Sun is a vacation in which case I hope you have fun wherever your going!! lol!!! :)

Actually it isn’t vacation. I WISH it was vacation lol! No, I’m going on a trip to West Virginia to help fix some people’s houses and spend some time with a bunch of little kids that don’t have the best living situations and stuff like that. I originally didn’t want to go at all because I have a lot of anxiety problems and different things like that, plus being away from all my twitter & tumblr friends for a week makes me sad, but I think it will be okay. Hopefully. I don’t know why I am babbling about this lol Sorry.

Anyway, no it’s not vacation, but I’ll try to have fun! Thanks, Anon!

-Hannah xx

Anonymous asked:

With the Brad story you said you were condensing the Who You Are story down to 10 chapters for that, so about how much time is going to pass in each chapter then? i'm just kinda curious lol! I can't wait to read it! :D

Yay! I’m really glad to hear that someone wants to read the Brad story! I’ve been getting a lot of  “I hate Brad” in the reviews of Who You Are, so I wasn’t sure that anyone would actually care about the Brad story. So again, yay!

To answer your question, I decided that every 5 chapters of WYA would be like 1 chapter of Brad’s story (generally) since there will be 50 chapters in WYA. Of course sometimes it’s going to be a little off because there are pretty large portions of WYA that don’t involve Brad at all. 

I talked to my Beta about it and I sent her the chapter by chapter plot and she said she really liked it, so I have a bit more hope that you guys will like it now! I really really really hope that I’ll finish the first chapter of that before I leave on Sunday, but I really can’t make any promises. I’m glad you want to read the story! Yay again!

-Hannah xx