Anonymous asked:

So how was your first-ish week of school?! I'm dreading going back soon....

It was okay. I’m way too busy for anything to be enjoyable, but eh. It was okay.
I will send you good vibes and hope that helps.


but seriously, thank you guys. You’re the best and you guys really don’t understand how much I love you all. Every time I check tumblr and find asks in my ask box, it literally makes my day better. So thank you guys. I love you all SOOO much.
-Hannah xx

Hey guys. I know updating is taking a little longer than usual and I’m sorry about that, but I think I should let you know that I’m not sure that it is actually going to get better any time soon.

Right now, this is my schedule:

7:00-12:00   -  school

12:00-9:30   -  work

9:30-10:00 or 11:00   -  homework

So as you can see, that leaves me with VERY little time to write, or do anything, really. SO life is actually kind of shitty right now and I am not enjoying this schedule at all. At. All. It sucks.

The place I work should be closing down by the beginning of October, so hopefully everything will calm down then, but for now, everything just kind of is crazy, and there’s not really anything I can do about it. So please forgive me if updates are sparse - I promise I’m trying my best. I’m barely managing to get my school done right now, so writing is kind of on the back burner at the moment.

I know this is kind of annoying, but this is just the way it is right now. I promise I’m more upset about this than anyone. I don’t get to write or talk to any of my friends or do literally ANYTHING that I want to do, and that kind of sucks, lol. But I’m just whining at this point, sorry. I just wanted to let you all know what’s going on. Feel free to shoot me an ask if you have any questions about anything :) Love you guys.

-Hannah xx

I just deleted the question. *facepalm* I’m on the mobile app and it’s fucking with me like usual. *deep, deep sigh*
To answer the troyler question,

I love Troye and Tyler so much<3 yeah, it’s called “Freak”. If you google “Troyler freak” it will come up, so it’s not hard to find. It’s on wattpad :) it’s really cool, and I hope it gets turned into a book, honestly - the idea is so original! I just love it.
It’s AU and a little OOC, but only on Tyler’s part. It’s great, for real. I don’t really ship troyler as a couple that much (for me it’s more of a friendship ship), but it’s such a great story that I just HAD to read it! So if you like troyler, you should totally read it. Seriously. Do it.
-Hannah xx

Anonymous asked:

Hey love ur fanfic but how can u do that u should now that at the moment my 2 fav malec fanfics which this is one btw Magnus is ill/ injured in both plz let him be okay :(

That’s rough. I’ve been reading this one Troyler fanfic and it updates about as often as I do so now understand what you guys are going through waiting for an update. I never realized how awful it is to wait for a week until then hahaha. I tried to write the next two chapters quickly for you guys, so they should be up soon, so just sit tight for a little bit longer and they’ll be up! :)

-Hannah xx

Anonymous asked:

Hey I now it hasn't been long sines u updated but I'm so scared can you please give us some info on the next chapter of wya please :{

It’ll be up soon, I promise! Don’t be scared! :(

I have no comfort to offer right now because anything I say will just be a huge spoiler. Ugh. Sorry.

-Hannah xx

Anonymous asked:

How's research going c;

It’s going great, actually! :)

I’ve just finished the next chapter of WYN, so that one may be up before the next chapter of WYA, but I’m not sure yet. I still need to send them to Amanda and get them beta’d and stuff, but I work tonight so I’m not sure how much time I have. I’ll keep you guys updated :)

-Hannah xx

Anonymous asked:

HOW COULD YOU DO THIS HANNAH?!?!?!?! :'''( Magnus needs to be ok!!! Can you pleeease tell us whether he will have amnesia or not?! When reviewing I didn't even think of that for some reason but now it occured to me that that could be where you are going with this and please tell me it's not because if it is I will die I can't handle this ok plz. Can you tell us plz?!? I had finally stopped crying from the chapter itself, and now I am again just thinking about this....

I don’t want to spoil anything, but keep in mind that there are only eight chapters left. Also, this isn’t Misery Loves Glamour. I don’t intend on trying (and failing) to steal Brooke’s thunder, so… yeah.

And that is very touching that you cried. That really means a lot to me that I can write something with enough emotion to make someone cry! So wow, thank you.

I’m working on the next chapter right now, and I’m 1.5k words through it, so… not that far. Lol it’s hard to write this chapter because I have to do SOOO MUCH FUCKING RESEARCH about medical terms and all these things. GOD. But I’m going as fast as I can, I promise. Sit tight. Thanks!

-Hannah xx